Halloween Animation in Transition to Darkness

Halloween bats flying low under a glowing Halloween pumpkin in a quick transition from orange October day to creepy darkness.

Halloween Animation 2

I made this animation using Cinema 4D and After Effects as a tribute to Halloween. It started as an experiment. I wanted to animate wings flapping around in a realistic manner. I found a tutorial online showing how to do thins in Cinema 4D. As I was most interested in the illusion of natural flight animation I kept the bats in considerably low detail. This actually helped the rough style. The lack of detail looked good to me as it adds to the creepy feel.

Once I had the bats animation ready, this could be used for a spooky Halloween animation. I decided to add a glowing pumpkin to create a creepy hollow effect. The bats would fly around the pumpkin which would also be part of the Halloween title. I rendered the pumpkin, bats and text in Cinema 4D and took the MOV file to After Effects for post production enhancements. The original Halloween animation I made was all orange. To fit the pumpkin inspired theme. After some time, I thought I could add an interesting twist.

From Daylight to Darkness

I decided to animate a transition to a dark blue night. In After Effects, this was quite easy to do. I had rendered my bats and the pumpkin with alpha channels. This allowed me to add a different background easily. I used a dark sky animation for the new background. I had it from another project. Here, I just repurposed it for this Halloween animation. For a more believable compositing, I applied Color Balance on an adjustment layer and it was ready to go.

Are you are interested in my Halloween animations? You can buy them here (Halloween Orange Day) and here (Halloween Darkness). Looking for something different? Contact me for a custom animation.