Drone Photography is best for events like weddings

Shoot interesting stuff and your photos will be interesting. Sounds like a piece of cake? Maybe. But what if the subject is too big to shoot? Enter drone photography.

We recently organized our wedding remotely from Dubai. Needless to say, this was a big and long project. During the preparations, it became clear we had to get a team of photographers and videographers. Our wedding ceremony was to be at a beautiful amphitheater. The venue was at the edge of a cliff and over the sea. We liked it; just spectacular. So we had to capture it all on camera.

For best possible results, we opted for aerial drone photography. In addition to the ground photo crew, the drone allowed us to shoot the wedding ceremony from above. The result surpassed our expectations! It gave us great looking photos of the ceremony. It also provided high quality video. This was later edited with the ground crew footage. We are so glad we used a drone for capturing our wedding day. We were lucky with the good weather too! Here are the benefits of drone photography as I see them. Click here for Dubai and UAE drone photography inquires.

Drone photography benefits


drone wedding photography

Aerial photography easily achieves dramatic bird-view photo representations. Drone video footage allows for viewpoints that were once only possible with expensive plane operations.

drone photography - wedding balloons

Different types and models of drones produce different quality of photos and video. Our wedding was shot with a DJI Spreading Wings S9000 drone by aerofilms.bg

Drone photography at wedding event


Drone photos and video showing events such as weddings look amazing. They capture vistas in smooth motion and deliver high quality video. The future is bright for drone photography? See my post about Dubai aerial photography and video by drone.