IKEA hack – DIY reclaimed wood furniture

DIY IKEA hack using free reclaimed wood from used pallets.

My First IKEA Hack

This is my first IKEA hack attempt and I think there will be many more to come. Well, at least as many as remaking all my IKEA furniture would take. This DIY video shows the process I used to customize a simple classic IKEA Kallax furniture shelving unit that I thought needed an upgrade. I was going for a rustic look that would be created using reclaimed free wood. Old industrial pallets seemed to be the best choice for free wood planks with character and variety of texture. The custom rustic look took the following DIY steps to achieve:
1. Get free old pallets (shops and warehouses seem to be happy to give them away, especially broken ones)
2. Dismantle the pallets using a hammer and a pry bar (great workout)
3. If the above point takes too long, use an electric saw to cut through the nails and/or wood planks.
4. Once the pallet is dismantled, remove all the nails from the wood.
5. Measure and cut the wood as needed.
6. Sand the wood to get rid of splinters
7. Glue the wood to the furniture using wood glue.
8. After the glue has dried (24h), sand again for a smoother surface.
9. Stain if desired for a darker effect (I didn’t use a stainer)
10. Apply a semi-gloss varnish and allow to dry.
11. Apply screws for decoration and to hold the planks (optional).
12. Find industrial wheels for an extra custom IKEA hack look(optional).

After this project was completed, I loved the look. I have a few more pallets at home and I am already planning to make the TV table my next IKEA hack. If you’d like to see my next furniture upcycle furniture project, subscribe to my new YouTube channel at youtube.com/somartintv