Richard Branson portrait

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Sir Richard Branson is the founder of Virgin Group. He is a fascinating icon of modern business and entertainment. I had the chance to meet him for the opening of Virgin Megastore at Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. A great, charismatic man with magical energy. A wizard of fun and entertainment, I thought. Thank you for creating Virgin, Richard.

To me, the Virgin Group of companies is constantly reinventing its look and feel to be at the forefront of business and entertainment. With a charismatic leader at Richard Branson, there is a wealth of inspiration. While preparing to create this portrait of Virgin’s lead man, I found the Richard Branson blog. On it Richard speaks his mind on business innovation and responsible living.

Richard Branson inspiration

I got inspired to create this portrait in order to enter The Big Artist art competition. The event was organized by Virgin Megastore in collaboration with The Big Picture art exhibition. The competition was held at Virgin Megastore at The Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. I thought that an original technique to represent Richard Branson would be fitting.

I created the portrait studying several photos of Richard Branson. I merging a selection of them to get the right visual reference. I modeled the geometry of the flowing lines in CInema 4D. The lighting was native to C4D. After the render, I color corrected the image in Photoshop. Once I was satisfied with the color mood, I was ready to take it to print. We chose a 1.2m canvass for production. After a series of color matching tests, we got the final piece ready. It took some time to mount it on a frame.

I was excited about taking part in The Big Artist. I wanted to be there for the event and the judging ceremony. Travel duties meant I had to expect the news from friends and family who attended. In the end, the winning prize was awarded to another artist. Nonetheless, I was thrilled to have been selected as a finalist and to represent the Virgin man – Sir Richard Branson.