Zdravets dubai dance club logo design

Dance club Logo design

I was invited to create the logo design of the Dubai dance club Zdravetz.

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Wavebreaker logo design

Restaurant logo design

Logo design has to be suggestive. The Wavebreaker brand identity was developed using typography that graphically represents wave breaker name.

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audi TT custom car design

Car design – my custom Audi TT

Back in 2009, I got a new car and decided to design it.

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Ready for the weekend?

Revived this illustration from an earlier project that didn’t see the light of day. Happy weekend.

Virgin Jinglebell Rockers

Virgin New Year Campaign

I posted this material on the Virgin Megastore blog which has interesting and fresh topics about Virgin Megastore and the entertainment world in general.

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virgin megastore branding

Virgin KIDS

Virgin branding created to appeal to kids. Get the latest in kids entertainment from VirginMegastore.me

Dubai Map

Dubai Map – tourist attractions

The Dubai map shows the main tourist attractions in the sunny emirate.

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дубай карта

Карта Дубая

Дубай – туристическая карта.

kamelia wedding invitation

Wedding Invitation

An illustration for the wedding of my friends Kamelia and Paris.

portrait illustration


A portrait illustration of Leila. Done in Adobe Illustrator.

illustration martin zafiroff

30th Birthday Illustration

A birthday gift illustration for my friend Martin.

Stanio illustration

Wedding Illustration

This wedding gift illustration was commissioned by Vasko Ivanov, a friend.

Todor Ivanov

Wedding Illustration

This illustration is a wedding gift for my friends Tosho and Sibila.


portrait illustration

Family Portrait

An illustration of my godmother and her husband.

UIPM Biathle Dubai Logo

UIPM World Championship Logo

The official logo and brand for UIPM Biathle World Championship, Dubai 2010. Thanks to DubaiFencingClub.com for the opportunity.

dunny hohloma design

“Dunny” Vinyl Toy Design

Traditional Russian Hohloma style.

Virgin Megastore books campaign

Virgin Books campaign

Using typography to create faces of famous authors. Discover the latest in entertainment and books from VirginMegastore.me


Vasko from Jamaica

This illustration is a birthday gift for my friend Vasko.