How I met Adobe CS6

Hi everybody, here’s a quick review of what I found exciting about Adobe CS6 at the Adobe D-Day conference in Dubai
taken from an email I sent my graphic design colleagues about the event:

Hello Creative,

yesterday’s Adobe CS6 launch conference showcased many creative workflow breakthroughs.
I’d like to share with you some of the highlights that make upgrading to CS6 extremely compelling
for streamlining the design workflow. In short, it creates efficiency by making time consuming
tasks quick so that we can focus on creativity more and remove frustration:

  • InDesign: perhaps a breakthrough for our regular resizing efforts. With new Liquid Layout feature,

all your branding elements (think instore and magazines) are instantly resized at a click of a button. Magic.
See the details of the web or ask me.

  • Photoshop: Now 64-bit to use all of the computer memory. Big tasks run in the background while you can work

on other things, saving time. Complex selection is made extremely easy and fast. Content aware fill has been upgraded
for seamless transformations. More 3D with soft shadowing, improved lighting, bevels, and better integration to After Effects.

  • After Effects: Video 3D depth tracking for perfect 3D text compositing. New adjustment layers

just like in Photoshop. Instant real time HD playback with new graphics engine!

  • Illustrator: More magic. Extensive stroke manipulation including different width at different points on the stroke and strokes with gradients.

New pattern maker tool with a wealth of options makes the difficulty of creating patterns a thing of the past. Super improved
tracing with the new Image Trace tool (this will be a top favorite). Interactivity options for creating interactive content in PDFs.

  • Premiere: new video content-focused interface. You can run everything in real time. New adjustment layers. New 64 bit engine.

Instant footage preview, etc, etc.

  • DreamWeaver: Just sketch your layout on the canvas and in seconds you have a ready web page with scripting done behind

the scenes for you. Completely visual, intuitive interface.

  • Adobe Flash: Outputs HTML which looks like Flash. Magic. Also, similar to DreamWeaver, very visual, no scripting needed,

a million preset effects for cool motion effects, transitions, interactivity.

  • Photoshop for iPad: A simply amazing Photoshop tablet app. A must for any graphic person.

I will be talking to you more as we go along but CS6 changes everything (like iPhone did 🙂 so we have to think upgrades asap.
A witty note to close with: the Adobe CS6 slogan is Create Now. 


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