24 май дизайн на плакат

24 May – How to Design for Bulgaria

I got approached by club Zdravetz to design the official invitation for 24 May. On this day we celebrate Bulgarian culture and the creation of the Slavic alphabet. So, what are the most important points to creating any national day artwork? Here we go:

  • Avoid clichés – Instead of using strictly the colors of the flag, add hues for variety but maintain a relevant color theme.
  • Find a symbolic base – Find inspiration to translate into your design. I chose the checkered pattern of traditional Rhodope women’s dress. It’s unique among Bulgarian dress motifs and that makes it more interesting (see point one above).
  • Make it meaningful – The visual elements should have a connection to the subject. In this case, a traditional pattern forms the background.
  • Stylize and lay out – Once the base concept is ready, add accents, a fitting font and lay out the elements to finalize the artwork

Bulgarian party in Dubai invitation design

24 май дизайн на плакат

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